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Facebook’s Native Video Play

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Ours is an industry of disruption. It’s volatile and there are few significant companies that offer stability that marketers, in particular healthcare marketers, can rely on for performance and persistency. We are now on the verge of a tectonic shift and broader disruption with digital video. This year, Facebook has introduced inline video into their […]

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What Matters For Healthcare at CES 2015

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CES ushers in every year with a promise of innovative technology and solutions that inspire and excite us. This year, more than ever, CES is a catalyst for those working in healthcare. Wearables, fitness trackers, and an emerging focus on health are putting an increasingly bright spotlight on managing our bodies. Here are some of […]

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The Pharma Lab Session At Content Marketing World

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I had the privilege to host the Pharmaceutical industry lab at this year’s Content Marketing World. The focus of the panel was providing a perspective on getting social media programs started for healthcare and pharmaceutical brands. The panel was a fantastic experience that introduced me to many new friends and allowed me to hear perspectives […]

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